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Reconnect With Food So That You Can Stop Feeling Guilty About Eating

You don't need to continue starving yourself in order to lose weight. When you understand what's been stopping you from reaching your ideal weight, you'll wonder why no one is talking about this. Eating doesn't have to be a sin when you know how.

Tap Into Limitless Energy

How often do you feel tired, heavy or like gravity is your arch enemy? You can tap into abundant energy when you learn how to build your optimum body blueprint. Discover exactly how so that you don't struggle anymore!

Turn Off Your "Fat Switch" Naturally
Stop being cat-fished by fake weight loss experts who only profit from keeping you on the never-ending treadmill of diets that just don’t work for you. Learn weight loss secrets from the experts who can help you finally get results faster than you thought possible!
Look & Feel Younger By Resetting Your Age Clock

Everyone knows that weight gain and even the beginning stages of obesity can cause serious damage to your body's metabolic clock. This can lead to a number of health complications, chronic (even painful) symptoms, and disease. The good news is that you can turn back your internal "Age Clock" so that your body can heal itself of many known diseases simply by following the advice of our experts.

Kick Depression, Anxiety, Food Addition & Feel Good Again

It doesn't have to rain all the time. With social media and advertisers painting a picture of the "perfect" life, the "perfect" weight, and the "perfect" self-image... it’s no wonder that you may find yourself turning to food or other addictive behaviors for an escape. Find out how your food may be affecting your mental wellness and also how your environment may be what's been causing your weight gain.

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Joe Mercola
The Eating Window 
World-class health educator Joe Mercola describes what he considers the number #1 health intervention that you can make, starting right now, which will cause the pounds to tumble off
Gina Bria
The New Science Of Proper Hydration 
Learn why 6-8 glasses of water a day just doesn't work. Instead we need a special kind of water, abundant in nature but not in our taps or bottles
Stephen Sinatra
Inflammation Is The REAL Enemy 
In this session we teach you how to quench inflammation, the leading cause of belly fat and obesity. But it's a double-whammy, because belly fat CAUSES inflammation. It's a classic vicious cycle you need to beat to get slim.
Jeffrey Smith
GMOs & Glyphosate Cause Obesity 
Learn what the BIG-Agro doesn't want you to know and why! Everyone has heard the controversy around genetically modified foods and Monsanto's Roundup, but what you may not know is how it is a hidden trigger for weight gain that may be thwarting your efforts at weight loss.
Jonathan Bailor
The Weight "Set Point" Explained And How To Beat It 
A 2X - NYT best-selling author explains how to beat the dreaded set point that keeps dragging your body back to a fixed weight, despite all your best efforts.
Lisa Best
Carbs vs. Calories 
Prof Best tells us why getting to low carbs is healthier (and easier) than counting calories. She also explains the glycemic index and how it will help you make healthy weight-loss choices. Hunger is not lack of food! Hunger is caused by eating carbs.
Sue Butcher
Success In The Kitchen Is Easier Than You Thought 
Slimming isn’t about suffering through endless trips to the salad bar to stuff your face with rabbit food. In this session our crackerjack culinary expert shares delicious, hunger crushing weight loss kitchen tips that use healthy food choices.
Paul Beaver
How To Lose Weight Effortlessly Even If Everything You've Tried In The Past Didn't Work 
Discover how our genes influence weight gain and how to "turn off" those that support weight gain. Find out which gene causes the most weight gain and what impact it can have on you.
Graham Simpson
88% Of Americans Show Signs Of This Deadly Disease 
Learn the horrifying scale of the nutritional disaster which has been running in the Western World for a half century and is set to kill nine out of ten people.
Richard Johnson
Understanding The "Fat Switch" 
A leading professor explains there really is a switch that goes ON to make you fat, OFF to get rid of fat. Learn how to turn your fat switch OFF, once and for all
Tim Noakes
The Banting Diet 
Prof. Timothy Noakes has been leading the world with a modern revival of the oldest and most successful diet ever: the one described in the 19th century by William Banting.
Robyn Openshaw
Smoothies & Juices: Do They Have A Place? 
Benefits: learn the surprising truth that, although some shakes and smoothies can be helpful to weight loss, not all of them are. You need to know which are the good choices and which to avoid.
Chris Shade
How To Lose 10-20 lbs. In 2-3 Weeks With Keto! 
Keto explained: a top health scientist explains why ketogenesis (the "keto diet") is the fastest and surest way to lose weight quickly and comfortably, without feeling hungry.
Janie Bowthorpe
How To Get Your Metabolism Back Up To Speed To Burn Off Pounds Faster 
Low thyroid function is fast becoming "normal" because of the tide of chemicals inhibiting this important master gland. Hypothyroidism means your metabolism is slowing down and you have to speed it up to lose weight successfully.
Keith Scott-Mumby
Food Allergies & Beyond 
The world's "Number One Allergy Detective" explains how eliminating allergy foods gets rid of food addictions and makes weight loss simple and easy
Marvin Singh
Hunger Hormones 
Believe it or not, there are hormones that make you hungry and hormones that make you feel "full." Mastering these is one of the biggest scientific secrets to weight loss!
Patrick Porter
Change Your Mind Set For Permanent Success 
No question: overweight and obesity is accompanied with mental unhappiness. Comfort eating and other mechanisms make you fat but here's a completely novel way to beat that
Mark Smith
Atkins: Why Is It The Most Successful Yet Most Criticized Diet Ever? 
Everything you ever wanted, or needed to know about the Atkin's Diet, is finally revealed in this session. Our experts unearth the diet's true origins and discuss why critics have been unable to discredit it despite numerous attempts.
Jeni Cook
Raw Food Revolution 
Jeni, our nutritional expert and celebrity health coach, explains why eating predominantly raw is a good option for some but not everyone. Is it right for you?
Anna Cabeca
The Surprising Way That Environmental Pollution Makes Women Fat 
There are chemicals in the environment that cause weight gain and are called obesogens. Others are hormone disruptors.
James Hill
The Step Diet 
Walk your way to slim. Author of the famous book explains you can eat what you like (within reason) so long as you walk it off! 10,000 steps a day may be all it takes.
Trevor Connor
The Paleo Diet 
No question, the "caveman diet" or paleo eating is what is natural and healthy for humans. Far from being a fad diet, it's over 2 million years old and you WILL lose weight.
Reed Davis
The Inspiration And Support You Need For Total Success! 
Don't do this alone. A coach buddy is like another YOU, who knows what to do and will see that you do it! It’s always good to have accountability and for many people, it’s the difference that brings success.
Felice Gersh
Intermittent Fasting Or Time Restricted Eating 
Let our expert show you how to follow the ultimate natural diet plan designed specifically for us by Mother Nature herself and how to determine which pattern is the right one for you.
Maria Claps
Menopausal Women's Weight Struggles 
Menopause is mandatory but suffering is optional. This troublesome time for women is often the start of relentless weight gain, due to estrogen dominance. Drink is a common resort but the WRONG answer.
Suzie Senk
The Skinny On Sleep 
It's just astonishing what science has uncovered that will cause you to gain weight. Adequate sleep is crucial and affects not just your weight but inflammation throughout the body.
Jeremy Malecha
New Technology That Will Help You Manage Your Weight Accurately 
There are so many apps and devices now to help you monitor your weight and health parameters that it's almost too much. Our expert tells you how to get this overwhelm of information under control.
Elaine Kissel
Mind Over Matter: Change Your Mindset And The Pounds Will Fall Off Without Ever Thinking About What You Eat. 
Find out if hypnotherapy can help overcome mental hurdles that are often an underlying cause of obesity and whether or not this is an option you should consider. Clearing mental clutter normally provides a better frame of mind for those worried about weight control.
Carmela and Roger
Is Veganism Right For You? 
Two protagonists explain they are plantarians, meaning they like to eat plant food by choice, and how it helped them both regain their health and lose weight.
Dave Rohde
How To Eat Your Best Foods Without Depriving The Family Of What They Love 
Do BIG Brand diets like Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig work? Drop in and catch this sensible session that discusses the pros and cons of choosing to get paleo eating “meals-delivered-to-your-door.”
Michael Gluck
Scientific Reasons Why Exercise And Workouts AREN'T The Best Way To Lose Weight 
We feel good with exercise but when you do the numbers, it's very hard work to lose weight and not necessarily healthy to exercise hard. Michael, a pro athlete and then gym owner should know.
Graham Simpson
The Path To Diabetes and How To Get Off It NOW. 
Known by various other names, including “diabesity” (diabetes and obesity together), this deadly set of symptoms is the number one lifestyle killer in the world today. Find out what it is, why it causes so much harm and misery and, of course, how to put it right
John Hache
Weight Loss Herbs And Pills 
Our expert tells us which weight loss herbs have good science and which are just scams; that includes looking at pharma drugs for weight loss and why they should be avoided.
Robert Slovak
The Most Astonishing Slimming Supplement In The Universe 
Water and wellness expert Robert Slovak explains the awesome health powers of molecular hydrogen and why losing weight is one of the natural results of flooding the body with this substance.
Erin Elizabeth
Good Fiber Is More Than Just Eating The Carpets! 
Discover the importance of two different dietary fibers and the role they play in determining our health and weight. Find out which of the fiber rich foods to begin including in your diet to support long term weight control.
Kelly Gallagher
Eating Disorders & Beyond 
Weight loss hero and 5-times cancer survivor Kelly explains why her eating disorder turned out to be no more than food allergies in disguise. After giving up trigger foods the weight fell off.
Michelle Harvey
Your Sweet Tooth Can Kill You Unless You Learn This One Thing! 
Sugar, not fat, as the food industry wants you to believe, is killing people in droves. It makes us fat, unhealthy and results in dying before our time. Fat is not to blame!
Aly Cohen
How The Modern Toxic World Is Keeping You Fat 
In this session we uncover the chemical pollution in our food and water supply and how it causes unhealthy weight gain. We’ll also tell you how to effectively eliminate these contaminants.
Dorian Greenow
Monitoring Health: Patient Power! 
Keto is sweeping the world but how do you know you are in keto? Handy new devices are popping up which allow you to measure your own keto state easily and accurately.
Steven Masley
The Microbiome 
It's emerging that the state of our gut flora (the microbiome) is crucial to all aspects of health and you may not be able to lose weight at all, unless you correct it first.
Melody Pattison Mehta
The Downward Spiral To Depression, Misery & Comfort Eating 
Learn how women are emotionally targeted by dishonest and manipulative food manufacturers, who spend billions on persuading and "training" women to buy their wares. Our expert in women's emotions walks you through the downward spiral of misery, anxiety, and depression that often leads to “fat-packing,” and feeling ashamed and she can show you how to conquer this condition once and for all.
Greg Brown
The Bio-Psycho-Social-Spiritual Model Of Obesity And Ill Health 
At the purely biological, we think only of calories, carbs, etc. But there is a powerful psychological level too, which many of our experts acknowledge. Greg goes beyond even that to consider the social levels of influence, and even spiritual... some religions, he points out, want you to see yourself as unworthy, unhealthy and needing  to suffer in the body. With all these extra influences, no wonder you found  it hard to stay slim!
Dr. Melissa Grill-Petersen
 Epigenetics Beats Calorie Accountancy 
Learn about the MANY influences that impact whole health, turning genes on and off.  Also find out how any and all of these “epigenetic” factors can create unwanted weight gain and how this can be reversed!
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